Kinetic Kids LAB

Summer Camp  Program 2017

July 10-July16 2017 9am-2pm

El Dorado Park, Train & Boat Areas

(before and after camp care available 8am-9am and 2pm-4pm)

Camper: $275 (5yrs-10yrs)

Jr. Counselor: $175 (11yrs-12yrs)

*Family discounts available, see registration form for more details)


About kinetic kids 

 "A body powered creative adventure for active kids!"  

It's summertime and it's the perfect time to spend all day outdoors, playing, discovering and exploring with friends and family! The Kinetic Kids LAB Summer Camp Program  offers a young person a week-long outdoor adventure at El Dorado Park! Kinetic Kids includes plenty of summertime activities like water play, free play at the park and a bounce house everyday. But it will also be focused on the human activity of moving through 'spheres of connectivity' in relation to our personal self, family, school, community and world.  Each day will offer experiences and activities that promote creative, personal and individual expression. Kinetic Kids Summer Camp is geared to get kids moving, creating, screens, no tv's, no web, no electronics... a day that is BODY POWERED.  This program activates kids, not  only physically, but socially and emotionally. The program builds character and compassion, confidence in one's individual expression of ideas, thoughts and interests, and creates a community that cares for each individual member equally and respectfully. We will play, get messy, be physically active, make music, create crafts, we will splash, dig in dirt, let our spirits dance and explore the park environment with all our senses. Kinetic Kids is created by a team of educators dedicated to experiential learning and creative expression. We are a team of artist-teachers who believe that your child's holistic engagement with the world promotes wellbeing and vibrant health!!


Sample day /schedule of activities:

8am-9am Before Camp Care (additional $7.50/hr)

9am-9:30am  Morning Gathering 

9:30-10:30- Experiential Learning Activity

Break/Free play

11:30-12:00 Lunch Gathering and Meal Time

12p-12:25- Free Play

12:25-1:30- Integrated Learning and Creative Play

1:30-2p- Gratitude Circle and End of Day Gathering

2pm-4pm- After Camp Care (additional $7.50/hr)


REGISTRATION: coming soon (gives us a little more time...)


If you are interested in Kinetic Kids Summer Camp and would like more information please fill out the form below. Thank you!

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